Angelo is a very gentle dwarf cross rabbit rescued with his mom and siblings during an extremely cold snap last winter.  Estimated date of birth on December 15, 2021.

Angelo is now already to start on the next leg of his life.  He’s very playful, sweet and very clean.

Can anyone give this handsome shiny little rabbit the home he deserves?


Myles is one of a litter of six rabbits rescued with his mom during the cold snap last year.  He has an estimated birth date of 15 dec 2021.  So he is still a youngster.

Myles is a beautiful chocolate coloured dwarf cross bunny with a sweet personality.  He’s playful and like all young ones, is active.  Myles is also great with his litter box.

Myles is looking for his forever home, and could go to a family who would respect him and his space.  Also remember rabbits have very fragile bones, so not to be handled unduly.  Please ask us how if unsure. 

Rabbits love to engage with you at their level though.  And Myles as well as any of his siblings are all going to be great companion rabbits


Weston came into VRRA’s care with his momma Betty White and siblings during a deep freeze at the beginning of the year.

This handsome little grey boy is now looking to start the next step in his journey.  A kind, loving forever home.

Weston would like you to know a little bit about himself.

Hello, I am a clean gentle little rabbit. I have only ever known a shelter for my home so I’m looking forward to having my own toys and room to zoom around.  And most of all, I would love to have my own family who will give me lots of pets. I love pets! And I like privacy when I need to rest.  I promise to be a good little house bunny!

Weston deserves his own home as do all his siblings.  Please give them the opportunity they deserve.

Tim and Todd

Tim & Todd are super handsome double-maned lion heads.

These two bunny rabbits are friendly brothers but can be shy. They are looking for a bunny experienced home.

Their forever people will need to enjoy spending lots of time grooming these wonderful fluffy buns. Grooming this breed of rabbit is essential. But it’s not hard to groom a rabbit; it’s enjoyable and quite therapeutic!