Tim and Todd

We’re Tim and Todd – the double maned lionhead duo! We’re fluffy, cute and we love to be groomed! So much so that we need you to groom us on a consistent basis otherwise we get matted and can’t see! But how can you resist our adorable double manes? 

We’re very expressive brothers that are a bit shy in the beginning but really warm up when you show us love and attention. I’ll let you in on a little secret; treats are the way to our heart, but we know we can’t have them all the time; too bad! 

We were found abandoned in a small cage, left over when our previous owners moved out of the apartment. We were quite sad they didn’t take us with them but it’s their loss! We’re happy, loved and have a much larger space now anyway! We know you’ll love us as much as our VRRA foster does. 

Todd (fluffy white bun) is a bit more nervous than I am but that’s okay, I help him along and he relies on me. I think it’s because he’s a bit hard of hearing. Be sure to trim around his eyes so he can see, I’d do it but I’d probably hurt both of us! When I am comfortable with you, he’ll follow along!

We love our hidey box. We enjoy flipping it so you have to come flip it back over. We make it a game! We enjoy a variety of toys and enrichment!

We’re not really good with our litter box despite trying our best! We use it for pee mostly but we’re just so excited to run around our house that we leave poops all over! We know it’s an issue so please be patient and help us learn to fully use our litter. We really want to be good boys for you!

We love cats but we’re not too fond of other bunnies. Our foster sometimes brings other buns to stay over and we know why she does it but we get stressed. Can you give us a bunny free home? We’d really love it! 

f you are interested in adopting Tim and Todd, please fill in our adoption application form here.