Annie & Fiona (South Surrey)

Fiona and Annie’s foster parents say: they’re an absolute delight to have! They have become so much more comfortable with us and they make us laugh so much. They love to explore our little balcony. They do zoomies and binkies in the morning when they know they’re getting their morning pellets. Not picky when it comes to food. 

Annie might need some time to examine new foods, but she likes most of the things she’s tried. Fiona loves everything! Fiona is more outgoing and braver than Annie. Annie is more cautious and reserved but she is coming out of her shell for sure. I think they need someone who has lots of patience to respect their space and build trust slowly.

Also, if you could please add They are both lovely. They also have an Instagram which can be added.

Annie is grey, and Fiona is brown. Both are lovely! If you would like to meet Annie & Fiona, please apply today. You can also check them out on Instagram by scanning the QR code below!