Lars, Jayden, Mila & Tess, Blondie & Cookie (adoption available in pairs)

Blondie Cookie Jayden Mila Tess Lars

Jayden & Lars

Mila & Tess

Blonde & Cookie

This beautiful sibling group of 2 boys and 4 girls are one year old (as of Oct 2018).  As with all of our bunnies they are spayed and neutered. The are available for adoption in 2 boy/girl pairs, plus a girl pair.

At the shelter they are currently living with all 4 girls together and the boys together.  However as is typical with rabbits, the brothers are getting a bit tired of each other now that they’re adults.  Rabbits are social creatures and optimally live with a bunny friend, but boys can find it difficult to be BFF’s.  Each boy will enjoy living a House Rabbit life with one of his sisters.

But of course, anyone looking to add adventure to their life by having a gorgeous 6-member bunny herd in their family, are also welcome to give us a call! Check out our YouTube channel for short videos of the girls and the boys.