Maddie is a little Himalayan rabbit that found her way to Vancouver rabbit rescue as a stray.
Best described as extremely sweet with just a hint of spice.  Maddie is probably a young adult with impeccable litter habits, playful and curious.

She may like a well matched friend, no really young children please. As she does have that little bit of spice, otherwise she’s a loving little girl. If you are interested in adopting her please fill in our adoption application form at


Stella is a lovely Himalayan Princess who doesn’t like to be cuddled, but her foster family has discovered that if you give her a good massage, she’ll jump into your lap and refuse to leave. Himalayan bunnies are known for their calm and well-behaved nature.Her favourite food is Hay, and her favourite toy are cardboard boxes.She has good litter box habits. Stella is currently waiting for someone to come and take her home and live happily ever after.