Rabbit Socialization

Volunteering is hard, but somebody’s gotta do it.

One-on-One Socializing (Giving a Bunny Some Love): Rabbits are social creatures and require love and interaction to be happy. The shelter bunnies appreciate one-on-one time outside of their cages with kind and interested volunteers; especially those bunnies who have been with us a long time. This is important not only for their well being, but it also makes them more comfortable and trusting of humans, which can improve their adoptability.

Time Requirement: We recommend 40-60 minutes. You are welcome to stay longer to socialize with more rabbits if we do not have other socializer volunteers scheduled. These are daytime positions only, between 10am to 3:30pm, 7 days a week.

What is Involved: Our shelter has a comfortable indoor area separate from the shelter cages, where a volunteer can visit with an individual bunny (or bunnies, if in a bonded pair or trio). Depending on the bunny’s personality and age, your time may be spent just sitting quietly and talking with them, grooming or petting the rabbit, or tossing toys and watching them run around and let off steam!

This is NOT an appropriate volunteer opportunity for children as not all our bunnies are child-friendly, and the volunteer must not require supervision.  Visiting on a regular basis is ideal so that rabbits get to know you, but once you’ve been provided orientation, ad-hoc visits can also be OK (although you should always call ahead).

During the summer months and mild days in winter, volunteers can also socialize rabbits outside in a penned grassy area. Interested in helping out? Please complete our volunteer form.


Fun on the lawn, woo hoo!


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