Bunny Movers

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Every day our bunnies get to spend time out of their cage-condos. This requires volunteers to help us move the rabbits from their cages to outdoor exercise pens, and back again. We encourage volunteers who clean cages to incorporate moving bunnies into their weekly shift. See the cleaning volunteer description for more details.

Number of Positions Available: The number of people needed to move rabbits every day is dependent on whether the day’s cage cleaning volunteers are also helping to move rabbits. Specific vacancies vary throughout the year.

It is essential that volunteers for this position be familiar and comfortable with proper rabbit handling techniques. We are happy to train you. Many of our bunnies have confident, outgoing personalities and are OK being handled; others are shy and scared and require more patience and understanding. Each rabbit has their own “travelling box” made up of a cardboard box with one or two exit holes cut into it. This box sits in their outdoor pen while they are outside; some of the larger indoor cages also accommodate the bunny’s travelling box. Most of our rabbits will hop inside the box, which can then be picked up to move them in-and-out. Other bunnies prefer to be moved by being held securely in the volunteer’s arms. The Shelter Manager will provide volunteers with specific instructions for each rabbit, and volunteers will also learn individual’s preferences as they get to know the bunnies one-on-one. Helping to move bunnies is a wonderful way to make friends with individual rabbits. Interested in helping out? Complete our volunteer form.

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