Bunny Condo Cleaning

Where’s room service?

Volunteers are needed every day to clean cages, in the morning and in the afternoon. Specific vacancies vary throughout the year.

Time Requirement: We ask that cleaning volunteers commit to a weekly shift. Plan for about 2-3 hours.  It is preferable to have cleaning volunteers who are also able to help move rabbits from their cages to their outdoor exercise pens. If you do not have experience handling rabbits, we are happy to train you.

Volunteers can arrive as early as 9:30am; cage cleaning must be completed by 12:30. Afternoon volunteers can arrive as early as 12:30 with afternoon cages finished by 4:00 pm.

What is Involved:

  • We have enough outdoor exercise space to allow approximately half the bunnies in the shelter to frolic outside in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon. Volunteers clean the empty cages while those rabbits are outside.
  • Using a small brush and dust pan, each cage is swept out. If the cage bottom is wet (e.g. a spilled water bowl, or bunny bathroom accident), the newspaper liner is replaced. Some cages will have a blanket or towel, depending on the bunny’s preference. This must be brushed free of loose fur and put neatly back in place.
  • Each cage has a litter box with wood pellets and hay that must be refreshed. Used hay and litter is placed in dedicated bins for composting off-site.
  • Each cage has a water bowl, which must be rinsed and refreshed.
  • Once all the empty cages are cleaned, the shelter floor must be swept of loose hay, etc. Used hay and organic waste container bins are placed outside (these are on wheeled platforms). Supply bins (litter, hay, water) are topped up for the next shift. Brooms, brushes and scoops are put away.

While you are busy cleaning the cages, the rabbits that remain inside the shelter enjoy being talked to, and you are welcome to visit with them once the cleaning tasks are done. Interested in helping out? Please complete our volunteer form.

Ah, nothing beats a fresh litter box!

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