Hoppity is a little Netherland Dwarf about 3 yrs old. He came to us because he was aggressive. Hoppity is settling down and starting to enjoy his foster home. We think he may have been always confined and perhaps handled and grabbed too much. We believe he will be a marvellous little pet with the right bunny person who will enjoy his personality.

His foster person says that he’s a funny little guy. He will box at you when he’s startled or afraid, and is telling you that he needs his boundaries respected. He is very small, in a big world and has probably put up with a lot of grabbing, so it’s no surprise that he instinctively defends himself.  He’s getting more comfortable and now asks for attention, and he loves getting patted on his terms. He’ll stick his face out at you and then settles in with rabbit purrs when his ears are softly stroked.

Hoppity will do well as an only pet in a quiet home. He jumps at the slightest noise, even when he’s blissed out in the middle of sleeping or being pet. But he’s totally great, curious and interactive and adorable. He’ll be wonderful with the right person who will let him be.

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