Azumi and Loki

Loki (black) and Azumi (grey) are two bonded rabbits, each having unique personalities. They love each other and do everything together.

Loki is a little rascal! Affectionate, will lick your hands, feet, legs, whatever he can get his cute little mouth on. He is a small bunny and still getting used to humans. A bit shy, but likes interacting so long as he isn’t being chased after. He’s still working on his litter training but is doing well and improves everyday.  He isn’t a chewer of things but does love to eat!

Azumi is a beautiful rabbit. Affectionate, playful, smart, energetic, and a wonderful companion. She is fast and can jump very high! She has stellar litter training habits. never misses the box. She is quite the chewer though, so watch out for your carpet! 

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