Having three legs certainly hasn’t slowed Skipper down! He came to VRRA with an injured leg which unfortunately needed to be amputated. Since his surgery, this special little man has adjusted well to life on three legs.  

Skipper is mellow, friendly, laid-back and litter trained. His fluffy white paws are delightful, his fur is soft and silky, and his soulful brown eyes will melt your heart. He enjoys being hand-fed greens and will gently eat pellets from your hand. 

He happily roams free during the day and spends the night in his pen. Skipper can jump up on the couch but he does need carpet to get around so he doesn’t slip. He’s also unable to scratch one of his ears without his back leg and he greatly appreciates it when a kind human scratches it for him. Is that kind human you? 

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