Meet Dingo, otherwise known as Tiny Fizz or Fizzie. This young man was previously living with his pal, Roger. However – as can often happen with boy buns (sadly) – they decided they no longer liked each other and broke up their BFF relationship. So now Dingo is looking for a solo gig, or perhaps a Forever Home with an easy-going spayed girl bun.
Tiny Fizz is good natured but high strung. Being pet isn’t his favourite thing, but he doesn’t get stressed being picked up, e.g. for grooming – he’ll put up with it. He hasn’t had a chance for dedicated one-on-one interaction with a human and his previous foster home says that they expect he’ll become friendlier with consistent, gentle treatment. He’s very active and adventurous, he likes to climb and jump on furniture and will hop on your head if you lay down on the floor or let him hang out during a yoga session. He’ll definitely need a home where he can have lots of roam-about time.
Dingo is a unique character and we expect he’ll blossom in a home that will take the time to get to know him as an individual.

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