Holly and Noel

Many people have multiple dogs or cats (or a combo thereof) as part of their family, but for some reason there’s a stigma about two bunnies – Holly and Noel will change your mind!

Holly is the fluffy angora who will enjoy connecting when you brush her gorgeous coat every day. She’s such a sweet, kind rabbit and very easy to handle. Noel is the goofy lop-eared boy. He loves to entertain everyone with his zoomies and binkies. They are truly the easiest going rabbits we’ve ever met.

Why should you consider a bonded pair? Well, the dynamics of two is quite amazing to watch. They are devoted like a family. They are no more work than a single as they use the same litter box and share dishes and toys, and sleep together. They are fairly young and so you can look forward to many years of love as you get to know their individual personalities and appreciate their strong bond with each other – and you. Please consider them.

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