Scout and Willow

Say hello to Scout and Willow – these two buns are a perfect pair.

Scout is the fuzzy Lionhead and is smart, adventurous and curious. He is very adorable when he flops his ears down halfway. He loves pets, but prefers exploring. He is tidy and loves to eat his pellets out of the palm of your hand. Watch out for your fruit though, he will definitely snag your blueberries and bananas if you aren’t careful! Scout loves to do zoomies and binkys and needs space to do this – he will thrive in a free roaming home. He loves to hop onto the couch or bed and check out the action. He’ll give you some really nice flops when he gets tuckered out and loves to lounge with his legs fully outstretched. He’s a big softie and really appreciates having his head pet.

Willow is a big sweetheart and the more timid of the pair. She is happiest when you sit nearby and pet her head, she will give you a little boop with her nose, if you stop too soon. She also loves to be fed her morning pellets out of the palm of your hand but might take them aside to make sure Scout doesn’t snag them. She enjoys lounging, cuddling Scout, and playing with chew toys. She gives excellent cuddles but doesn’t like being picked up. Willow is a lop but mostly keeps one ear up and one ear down.

Willow and Scout have complementary personalities. They will warm up to you quickly if you give them pets and treats. They are good hay eaters and in good health. 

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