Anna and Olaf

Bunny high-fives! Olaf & Anna are a great example of how intelligent and fun-loving rabbits can be. Spend time interacting and getting to know their individual personality on their own terms, and you will be rewarded.

Olaf and Anna have been living with one of our amazing Foster People and they say, “these two are the most well-behaved House Bunnies we have ever hosted”. Wow! They go on to describe these snowy fluffs as, “100% non-chewy, not even cable chargers interest them. They don’t even care about chewing cardboard or chew toys, although they do love peeling the layers of cardboard off the bottom of a box. They don’t dig or climb on stuff (unless they smell food on the table) and so bunny-proofing will be super easy for whomever adopts them.”

These two are food motivated and do fun tricks like high-fives. Check out their instagram page for more cute videos of their antics.

They have also been trained to be comfortable with being held for grooming and getting their nails trimmed. And they are quiet at night.Talk about the perfect combo of characteristics! Anna & Olaf are waiting for you!

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