Pogie and Potsticker

Potsticker (female, gray) and Mr. Pogie (male, black) are a bonded sister-brother duo who came to us only a few days old, orphaned and in very poor condition. They showed everyone what tough little buns they are and survived!
They have been hand-raised in a loving foster home and so are friendly and enjoy attention. They would like a home with lots of interaction. Potsticker loves being pet and doesn’t seem to mind being held and cuddled; she is a very friendly, outgoing rabbit with an amiable temperament. Her brother, Pogie, is a little more cautious, but he too enjoys petting and interaction. Where ‘Sticker is easygoing, Pogie is very sensitive and not afraid to show you when he’s displeased! 
Pogie likes to rearrange things and has fun throwing toys and bedding around, while Potsticker just relaxes and watches him fuss. They have silky, clean coats that shed minimally and lovely, classic “up” ears. They are good looking rabbits.

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