Birdie and Bogey

Birdie (chocolate brown, female) and Bogey (blonde Harlequin, male) were found on a golf course and affectionately named accordingly. Both are litter trained, don’t bite or scratch, and love all things food! 
These two have been through a lot, but they’re making progress every day. Birdie is the adventurous one, while Bogey prefers to plant himself somewhere around his foster home and go into full-on lounge mode. Given their difficult past, they are both skittish and require a great deal of patience and care. But we have no doubt that – with lots of love and affection – they will blossom into rewarding companions for any rabbit lover!
Birdie and Bogey’s foster parents have an instagram page to help them find their forever home and update it frequently with new photos and videos. Check them out @golfcoursebuns.

Birdie Bogey

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