Moonlight & Stormy

Moonlight and Stormy

Aw, look at these two! These adorable little bunnies spent their whole lives living in a pet store cage before finally being abandoned. Rabbits are not caged pets and suffer when kept in such an unnatural way.

Fortunately youth is on their side (born approx September 2019) and their personalities haven’t been affected by the mistreatment: they are friendly and forward little bunnies. Moonlight (girl) is the white dwarf with amazing blue eyes, and Stormy is the handsome Netherland dwarf with Himalayan markings.

They are enjoying the bit of freedom that being in a roomy shelter cage (and exercise pen) has brought them, but their personalities will really begin to shine when they have opportunity to live a true House Rabbit life with a committed and loving person(s).

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