This is baby Pancake, a harlequin bunny born approx March 2020. She is an enthusiastic, curious and playful young girl who is learning good House Rabbit manners in a loving foster home. 

Like any typical House Rabbit, she needs space to explore and loving, committed human(s) to care for her. She may be a good candidate for bonding with a neutered boy bun. She’s very friendly and is full of kisses for the humans she’s learned to trust. 

She loves to stand up tall on her back legs for a carrot or banana tidbit! She is a talented jumper so will need a tall pen for her “home base” (whenever she needs to be secured). She loves to run through her cardboard tunnel and then go to her favourite spot to nap. Pancake is now ready for her forever home where her human(s) can give her all the love she deserves.


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