Meet Jeff! Jeff is a gentle orange giant, and one of the sweetest rabbits you’ll ever meet. He had a rough start to life, living loose outdoors for years before being saved. He has some hind leg weakness and scoots more than he hops, but that doesn’t stop him from living a normal rabbit life. In fact ever day his hind legs are getting stronger and he can hop in and out of his litter box with no problem. He has a unique way of binkying and moving around.
Jeff is typically a relaxed bun. His favourite thing is to dig at his blankets and tear them up. He gets so excited when offered a new blanket! He also really loves his wicker hut. He snoozes under there all day long!
He’s very patient for nail trims, and will sit quietly while you brush him. He likes the slow life, savouring his meals – except banana, which he inhales! Jeff can be a bit picky with his veggies, but romaine is his absolute favourite. 
Jeff knows his name and his ears perk up when you say hello to him. He can be very shy when meeting new people, but once he gets to know you, he’ll happily sit for pats and loves getting kisses on his big long nose. 
Jeff loves hanging out with his people and may also do well as a partner for a spayed lady bun friend. 


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