Hamish is a super handsome young Dutch Cross bunny with special needs. He has problematic teeth that will need regular maintenance from a knowledgeable vet. He will have good quality of life if he receives this care. We would love to get Hamish into a Foster Home so he can have fun and be loved – VRRA will pay for his medical care while he is in foster. Hunky Hamish is an awesome little bunny.

Here is more of his story: He was taken from a person who is prohibited from having animals because they harm them. He was not injured but was not eating well due to needing dental care. His coat was very rough and he was thin. He sometimes behaves as though he is afraid of hands that reach for him but once you pet him he softens up and he is ok to handle. At this point he is not good with his litter box but we are working on it. He is a dear little rabbit and deserves a chance at a nice life. 

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