Tiger-Lily and Hazel

Tiger Lily and Hazel

Tiger Lily and Hazel

Tiger Lily and Hazel

Lovely Tiger-Lily & Hazel are a mother-daughter pair (TG is the Mom, and Hazel the brown bunny is the daughter). They are seniors (10 and 9.5 yrs) adopted from VRRA and sadly  surrendered back to us through no fault of their own.

It’s very tough for bunnies to lose their homes in their older years, as people are ageist and usually only want to adopt young rabbits. For those of you willing to broaden your perspective, you’ll find that having mature bunnies in your life is a joy! Their personalities are reliable and they are past the rambunctious “get into trouble” stage of life. On a practical level, having rabbits that no longer have 13+ years ahead of them is also sometimes a factor that can make committing to pet guardianship easier.

Tiger-Lily and Hazel are both sweet, amiable, curious, healthy and full of life. They absolutely love each other and it’s so sweet to watch their BFF affection. They look forward to settling in with new humans that will provide them with committed love, care and companionship that they so deserve.

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