Cookie is an absolutely gorgeous silver-gray bunny, on the small side of medium. She has been at the shelter for about two years and we can’t figure out why she keeps being passed by – she is a wonderful little soul.
She was placed in a foster home a couple months ago and is doing great! Her Foster Mom reports that she’s a healthy, happy girl and is very good at communicating with her people when she wants more attention. To quote, “she is funny and we love her”! 

Cookie is curious and playful when she is around people that she trusts. This is a bunny that will take time to warm up to her adoptive people and home. When she does, you will be rewarded with seeing her true personality. She needs a lot of attention and loves to chew things so needs rabbit-appropriate chew toys to keep her happy and occupied.

Cookie would not be a good fit in a loud home or with people who have an unpredictable schedule.

Her favourite things include: pets on her head, cilantro, parsley, pears and chew toys. Her dislikes are the broom and being picked up.

We hope that Cookie can soon find a Forever Home with people who will love and commit to her for a lifetime.

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