Barbie and Tiger

Barbie and Tiger

If you are looking for fuzzy-wuzzies, then look no further than this BFF Californian/Lionhead duo.

Barbie and Tiger are in house-rabbit training in a foster home, who have these insights to share: these two are excellent with their litter-box – their foster mommy took away their box for cleaning and Tiger patiently waited; as soon as she set it down he jumped in to do his business. Tiger is outgoing and food-driven. He will come out and explore his surroundings. Barbie is on the shy side but follows Tiger’s lead. Both enjoy head pets.

They are being fostered in a home with 2 rabbit-savvy and gentle kids (6& 8yrs old) so they’re socialized. It’s important that children know to follow the bunny’s lead with whether they want to play, or not.

They love their greens and wait for the kids to serve it to them. Same goes for treats and pellets! Barbie and Tiger will melt your heart with their love for each other. Oftentimes, they’re found grooming each other and find comfort in each other’s company. They’re free roam in their foster home and are in their x-pen at night. A super-sweet pair to have as part of your family!

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