Barbie & Tiger

Barbie and Tiger

Barbie & Tiger are an adorable fuzzy-wuzzy duo with special needs. VRRA is actively seeking a permanent foster that will provide them with the detailed care they require, within a loving home environment. In turn we will stay committed to covering their vet costs and regular dental care.

Barbie and Tiger are back at the VRRA shelter now, but as you can see in the photo they have recently spent temporary time in house-rabbit training in a foster placement. They have excellent litter-box skills. Tiger is the more outgoing of the pair, but both enjoy head pets.  

Barbie and Tiger will melt your heart with their love for each other; they find comfort in each other’s company. They were free roam in their foster home and then secured in their x-pen at night. 

We know there’s someone out there that can provide the right fit for this special, sweet pair. 

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