Alfred & Mary



Alfred and Mary

Mary (black) & Alfred (brown) are a lovely couple, friendly and social and very good House Bunnies with excellent litter box habits. They have found themselves at the shelter through no fault of their own. They are a joy to get to know as individuals as they have very distinct personalities (as all bunnies do).

They are currently in foster and their temporary family report that both enjoy being pet, Mary especially so. She will come up and nudge your leg impatiently and your hand will get a “boop” with her nose, if you stop stroking her forehead too prematurely!

They are living peaceably with a mature easy-going cat, although Mary patrols their bunny headquarters (the area where their litter box and food dishes are located) and will chase the cat off, if he steps over the invisible boundary of “her” territory.  Alfie is more brave and enjoys doing bunny binkys as he races around the house, and jumps up on the human’s bed in the morning to ask for breakfast. Mary will explore the areas she can get to with a rug surface, but shies away from wood floors.

Alfred and Mary prefer their people to come down to their level on the floor, they do not like being picked up. We expect they were over-handled by small children in a previous home, and they will hold a grudge if they are grabbed a lot.  Their foster family respects this and know that visits and pets with these two take place on the floor, or if they choose to jump up on a chair or couch. They absolutely love monitored time in the bunny-proofed backyard, and get gently guided into a pet carrier to be moved from the house to the yard, and back.

Bunny duos are the best because rabbits are social animals – most crave the companionship of another bunny. Rabbit pairs groom each other, sleep, eat and play together. They keep each other company when you are busy or out of the house – companions against loneliness and boredom.

Bonded rabbits form extremely close attachments and their happy, hilarious and sweet interactions will expand your heart and life. But don’t worry that two bunnies will ignore their humans – they will give you double the love and fun of one!

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