Herve & Hubert

Hubert Herve

These two fluffy brothers are Hubert (left in the photo, with darker face) and Herve (on the right).  They are bonded and therefore need to be adopted together.  They have been getting good House Rabbit training in one of our loving foster homes where they live a free-range life and are fully litter trained.

Hubert is the introvert and content to follow his brother around. He loves head rubs and enjoys being groomed (weekly brushing is a must for these long-haired bunnies).  He enjoys playing with wooden toys, toys with bells, paper rolls, etc. He will nudge your hand to get your attention! Hubert likes having a cardboard “man cave” box to hide in, and a carpeted area for his fluffy feet to get a grip on and “binky” (happy rabbit dance).
Herve is the leader of the two and likes to explore his surroundings and run around the house. A favourite activity is jumping up on the couch or bed to visit his humans. If you lay down on the floor to visit with him, he’ll jump up on your back. He loves to eat (as most bunnies do!) and a favourite is carrot tops. He is a friendly guy and will nudge your feet to get attention.

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