Andy & Angus

Andy Angus Anna

Andy and Angus



These two are the perfect pair: Andy the adorable dwarf rabbit with his black coat and white eyeliner; and Angus, the fuzzy white Lionhead. Life is better with a bunny but it’s five-star spectacular with two!

Lots of people have 2 cats or dogs but for some reason have a hard time wrapping their head around the concept of 2 bunnies. These guys are on the small side of medium in size. Line them up and you’ll have the size equivalent of about 1 cat 😁. They share a litter box and eat out of the same bowl and snuggle together when they sleep. You’ll notice in the video that A&A have a third friend (the grey Rex); this is Anna who lived with them for awhile, but her brothers were starting to pick on her a bit. So when a Forever Family came looking for a BFF for their neutered bunny, Anna turned out to be the perfect match and is now living happily with her new friend. We look forward to Andy & Angus finding their adoptive home soon as well.

If you’re new to the idea of more than one House Bunny, check out this great article by the House Rabbit Society.


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