Gladys in foster home

Gladys is a sweet little girl, only about 4 months old (as of Nov 2018). She had been left on her own outside and so is now just learning that life doesn’t have to be so scary.

Update: Gladys recently spent time with one of our foster families to practice her house rabbit skills.  They report that she loves tossing around paper tubes and rearranging all of her toys. She also likes to jump on the couch to spend time with people she trusts and will even climb up onto your chest to say hello, if you’re laying down, and she loves to give lots of kisses! When she’s happy she makes little grunts as she hops around. She is a curious rabbit who is fun to watch running around, exploring and getting the “zoomies”.  She’s also 100% litter trained.  What a super little bunny!

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