Talia & Jericho

Talia & Jericho

Meet our dynamic duo, Talia & Jericho!  Talia is the slightly larger, tan-coloured bun-bun and she loves her soft-grey coloured pal, Jericho.  Both are very sweet-natured rabbits but Talia is the outgoing one of the pair. Their foster family reports that they are tidy and well-mannered house bunnies and are now ready to be placed in their forever home.

Each came to the shelter separately but from similar precarious situations. Talia was abandoned at UBC but despite her ill-treatment she still loves people and will readily come up to meet you. Jericho was found at Jericho Beach and required medical care. He was understandably scared of people at first but with Talia by his side, he has come around well and is now a healthy, well-adjusted young man.  Both are fairly young bunnies, approximately 2 years old.

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