Photo of Spartan, white lionhead with dark eyes


This handsome lionhead is a cheeky, social bunny who seeks a quiet, calm home (adult human companions only, please – not children). Rabbit-friendly cats and dogs could be fine, and he might even enjoy a rabbit companion or two, given proper introductions. Spartan seemed “aggressive” in his first adoptive family but he was reacting out of fear. Since then he has been in a foster home, where he has been socialized and exposed to lots of new things; he is much more confident now.

Spartan enjoys living free-range and receiving leisurely head pats (he purrs). He might be a good agility candidate, as he vaults 3 feet into the garden when he gets to play there (with his human supervising to make sure he is safe, of course). Spartan needs a home where someone with patience will help him continue to build confidence.

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