Hawthorn and Cedar

Cedar and Hawthorn

Aren’t Cedar & Hawthorn the cutest?? As you can see from the photo, these sisters are two peas-in-a-pod and love to snuggle together, making for endless adorable photos.  They are Holland Lop/Lionhead crosses, with Hawthorn having dark tones and the longer Lionhead fur, while Cedar has lighter colouring and the more traditional Holland Lop look.  They are young adults, which means that they have long lives ahead of them, but have matured beyond the ‘messy untrained baby bun’ stage. They are outgoing and love to dash about and socialize. Their foster home reports that they are good with their litter box and are excellent hay eaters (that equates to healthy bun-buns). They are lovely girls who have received great House Rabbit training in their foster home, and are ready to graduate to a Forever Home.

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