Callum and Robbie

Callum (black) and Robbie (white) are middle-aged brothers, about 6 years old (as of June 2021). They are an all-round fantastic duo, lovely big buns with big ears. They have lived amicably with nice cats and a calm, non-barking dog. They enjoy people and are always looking for a treat. They like being petted. Like most bunnies, they will tolerate you picking them up if absolutely needed (to move them, or trim their nails), but they definitely don’t like it. As a calmer alternative for both buns and humans, their foster person trained them to hop into their carrier with a snack, and that’s the way they enjoy being transported.
R&C have been lucky to have access to a bunny-proofed, safe outdoor area at their foster home and they absolutely love time spent there. They do happy hops and love to eat grass (little lawnmowers). In an ideal world it would be lovely to have them adopted by someone who also has a safe playtime spot for them in a yard or patio.
Inside, they are relaxed and confident, but do like to nibble things so have only been allowed free-roam in their bunny-proofed gated area. They need an extra-large litter box so they can both fit in at the same time. They also love to redecorate (throw cardboard boxes and pieces of wood around).

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