Baby Bunny Alert



VRRA currently has several baby rabbits that will need homes. One is 3 months old, one is about 5-6 weeks old and we have 7 that are only 5 days old. All these babies will need to be spayed and neutered before adoption but could be fostered to the right homes. Anyone interested should fill our our adoption application on the Adopt page.

4 comments to Baby Bunny Alert

  • Sarah

    The younger ones are more trainable for snuggles. But get a pair so they’re not lonely, if you can.

  • Andrea

    Do we know what breed these little sweeties are? Well not the breed, but roughly how big they’re gonna be?

  • Emily

    Any family would be so lucky to get little Joel! He’s the most handsome and loving little boy bunny I have ever fostered. Beautiful colour and wonderful personality, needs lots of space to preform leaps and bounds, but also loves to snuggle and get a scratch between his eyes.

  • Lisa

    I am looking at having a bunny again. Miss having a rabbit to cuddle and play with. Can I view them?

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