Broken Bunny – Cruelty Case


This beautiful rabbit was one of 4 that were turned out to fend for themselves in a Surrey neighbourhood. The homeowner who’s garden they seemed to prefer loved seeing the rabbits hopping around. Then there were the horrid children who chased and attacked the bunnies with hockey sticks. They may have injured her or she might have been hit by a car. Either of these situations shows how unkind it is to put your rabbit out to fend for himself.

Pinky is on pain medication and getting ready for her operation. She will need a loving foster, or permanent home. Rabbits with 3 legs do well and can move around without problems. It is necessary to keep the ear on the missing leg side clean but other than that they are the same as 4 legged rabbits.

3 comments to Broken Bunny – Cruelty Case

  • Amna shahab

    i was wondering if you could send me the recent apdates about the injered rabbits you find because i am doing a presentation on rabbit abbuse. I was also wondering if i could use some of you information?
    Amna Shahab

    P.S. im a rabbit fan and wonder where you adoption centers are.

  • Pascale

    So sickening if this was intentional harm done… What is more cowardly than beating a beautiful, soft white rabbit with a hockey stick??

  • Lisa Wilman

    Maybe they should beat the parents of the children with hockey sticks. Teach your children respect for all living things! Oh and the kids definately need a beating. We all know what hurting animals is the first stage of……

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