Silver (South Surrey)

Silver was found in Langley dumped, hopping around for a few days. She was hiding under cedar trees before being trapped. Silver is a female chinchilla bun medium to large size. She was about 8 months to a year old when found giving her estimated DOB: 3-Aug-2023. Spayed and RHD up to date.

Silver is shy at first but once she trusts you, she enjoys being near you and head pets. She has good litter habits and is good with other respectful house pets. Silver might even enjoy having a male bunny friend to spend her days with. Silver loves her treats and will always come running when she hears the box. Silver enjoys playing with stacking cups and willow ring chews. Most of the time you’ll find she had put her toys in her water bowl LOL… 

During her free roam time she is adventurous and will show off her binkies. She is a very fast runner and great jumper, might be a good agility bun. She is very smart, could learn tricks if someone spent the time to bond with her and teach her. 

If you’re interested in meeting Silver, please apply today! 

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