Ember and Wade (South Surrey)

Welcome Ember and Wade to the VRRA family.  This adorable bonded pair of lops found their way to rescue due to severe allergies.  They have been very well loved – that can be seen in their demeanour.

Ember, spotted female, and Wade, dark grey male, enjoyed free run at both their previous homes.

Both of them love to be petted. Ember is more extrovert, affectionate and very easy to handle.  Wade (dark grey) is the shy one. But once you gain his trust, he could be very affectionate and sweet. Both of them are very curious and like to explore their area.  Ember can be reluctant to run on hardwood floors.

They are very well bonded and look after each other so well. They are both very well behaved! They never chew  stuff as far as long as they are provided with chewing toys or just a cardboard box.

They are both good hay eaters!   And also enjoy a variety of veggies and love dandelions, clovers and forage mix. We are still getting to know them better and they will thrive in the right home.

If you would like to adopt Ember and Wade, please apply today!

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