Benjamin (Vancouver)

Hi my name is Benjamin. My friends also call me Bunjamin. I was found on the mean streets of Richmond, with an injured foot, emaciated and barely able to stand on my own. People thought I was hit by a car and gave up on me. But my rescuer didn’t think that was the case and saw that I could be helped so took a chance on taking me home.

It took many months of many vet visits and medicine to save my foot. I found out that lots of kindhearted people were also cheering me on and wanted to help me. I felt like a celebrity!

All the love and support saved me so now I can hop and play with my bunny friends and now I can even date again!

My rescuer thinks I would make a great husbun to a special furry lady. I’m the sweet, sometimes mischievous shy type and a sucker for relaxing head rubs. I enjoy long hops in the yard, eating grass, I like my hiding spots and soft blankets. My dislikes are slippery floors. Booh!

I’m not the best at using the litter box but maybe with the right bunwife I can be taught to be more of a civilized gentlebun. The ladies do think I’m a great catch though and I’m sure you will see why if you adopt me – please apply today!\

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