Cloudy (Vancouver)

Meet Cloudy!
This blue-eyed beauty was found in March, 2024, next to a busy street. Her kind foster parents rescued her and made a home for her in their living room. As soon as she felt safe she started bossing everyone around: them, their cats and a visiting dog. She is calm with them all. We don’t know how she will do with other rabbits, but she is willing to give it a try.
Cloudy has just been spayed and is now looking for a home where she can rearrange all her boxes and towels to suit herself, and where she’ll be allowed to explore and satisfy her curiosity.
She is still getting used to being petted, but is fairly calm about being picked up.
Are you ready for all the years of love Cloudy has to give you? If so, please apply today.

Name: Cloudy
Colour: White
Sex: Female
Breed: Dwarf (1.2 kg)
Birthday: October 1st, 2023
Good with: People, cats, respectful dogs
Other rabbits: Who knows?

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