Rowan (South Surrey)

Rowan was born June 5, 2022. He is a dwarf cross/lop. His nickname is Rowan the Naughty. Once hormones kicked in Rowan started to box/nip if he didn’t want to be touch or you moved stuff in his pen. However, over time his behavior has gotten way better as his built trust with his foster. He can be very sweet, but does still act shy/moody at times. So, he is looking for a rabbit-experienced home without young kids. 

Hey people!

I’m looking for my furever home. In all fairness, I don’t like my stuff touched or moved around in my pen; the people call it cleaning. I’m trying really hard to be a good bunny. I really would like a home to call my own and with the right people I can trust I would cuddle on my terms. I’m very playful with toys, love my greens and treats. If you think you could give me an amazing home, we should meet, apply today. 


Rowan the Naughty¬†🐰

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