Jorunna (South Surrey)

Meet Jorunna! She was named during our “name a bunny” auction.. Jorunna aka Bunny Slug Of The Sea!

Since birth she was affectionately nicknamed “Odd Ball” by her foster. She is called Odd Ball because she is… well… odd. This baby girl has ruby eyes and very different markings from her litter mates. She has a refined way about her, and the cutest little dark ears that don’t quite make it down to her head! It’s like they got dunked in cocoa powder!

Cute, curious and playful as many baby rabbits are, this one is also a discriminating foodie. Odd Ball takes her napping very seriously; after a long day of exploring, you’ll find her flopped under her log hidey house. Jorunna is a dwarf cross so will stay a smaller rabbit. She was born Jan 1, 2023.  She has been good in her foster home with other respectful pets. If you interested in meeting her, please apply to adopt today. 

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