Ira & Gopy (Vancouver)

If you’re looking for THE BEST pair of rabbits, Ira and Gopy aka “The Husbuns” are it! 

 These two boys were rescued within a few weeks of each other from different locations from the streets of Vancouver when they were just teeny, tiny babies found all alone. They’ve grown up together in foster care and are both exceptionally sweet, affectionate and funny young rabbits. They have now been with their foster family for a year. They both have amazing personalities that compliment the other, making Ira and Gopy a perfect pair of buns.

Ira (the brown agouti) is a feisty, intelligent bun with a big personality! Affectionate and outgoing, he’ll also thump at you when things don’t go his way. He’ll give you kisses all day long! He’s even trained his foster family to give him pets on a schedule! In contrast, easy going Gopy’s (blue grey) motto is “Don’t worry, Be happy”. This gentle, easy going guy loves nothing more than munching lettuce and stretching out in the sunshine. He doesn’t demand pets like Ira does, but he’ll still give you the pleasure of petting his incredibly soft, plush fur.

Ira + Gopy = a pair of buns that will keep you endlessly entertained with their antics, and love you as much as you love them! 

 If you are interested in adopting Ira and Gopy, please apply today!

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