Tiffany and Hartford (Vancouver)

Tiffany and Hartford were found together on a patch of grass near to Jericho Park. They were huddled together and very scared. We believe that someone had dropped them off there thinking they would run into the park. Bad idea and luckily for them a kind person stopped and picked them up.

Tiffany was only about 6 weeks old. She is a pretty harlequin rabbit. Hartford is grey with a white nose and he was about 8-10 weeks old. It’s possible that they are brother and sister from different litters. They are now neutered and spayed, vaccinated and ready for their new home. Both are curious and active – a little shy at first. They have become good with their litter box and are not chewy rabbits. They are now about 6 and 5 months old. If you would like to adopt them, please apply today!

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