Olive and Brutus

Olive and Brutus are a lovely pair of bonded bunnies who are looking for their forever home!

Both rabbits are Netherland dwarfs, 3 years old, spayed/neutered. They received vaccinations for RHDV2 (hemorrhagic disease) as well as other vaccines / dewormings that would be recommended by the vet.

The white rabbit is the female. Her name is Olive. The male rabbit is the one with the black markings. His name is Brutus. Brutus is slightly younger than Olive, maybe by 3 months or so. He is playful, friendly and cautious. Olive is more exploratory and when exposed to a new environment Olive will be the one who goes out and explores seems to be like the mommy rabbit. Both rabbits seem to be exceptionally curious and super cute and lovely. They are both litter trained and will go in their litter box almost always. The bunnies are bonded and inseparable. If one rabbit goes to the vet, the other one comes along for support.

Their diet consists of 3 pieces of romaine lettuce per day, unlimited timothy hay and about ¼ cup of pellets each per day. The bunnies get occasional treats of small carrot slices, strawberry slices and the like, but sparingly.

If you are interested in adopting Olive and Brutus, please fill in our adoption application form here.

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