Cosmo  is a male rex that was found in Jericho back in May 2022 when he was only 2lbs. His current fosters scooped him up and have been caring for him ever since. He is estimated to be around 8 months old now. Normally baby bunnies are very timid but little Cosmo has always been very social and side flops (even some full rolls) and binkys all day long. He has the sweetest little personality and funny quirks. (I.e he doesn’t like being held under the chin for pets and will hilariously push you away)He is an escape artist that loves to climb especially if there is a plant in sight.

He is honestly the dream rabbit, handles vet visits and car rides like a champ. He still eats when stressed (if you’re a rabbit lover you’ll know how rare this is). He has been neutered and fully recovered. He is still growing so requires some alfalfa hay and junior bunny pellets. He can be left to free roam and hasn’t peed on our furniture at all! He would be most happy in a space where he can run free all day. He is friendly to meet other bunnies but sadly the other bunnies don’t seem to like him, he hasn’t met his perfect match yet. He gets bullied by them so if you have a rabbit at home please be patient and careful so he doesn’t get bitten again! Whoever gets to meet this little guy is going to fall in love so quickly. The fosters wish their OG bunny was nicer to him. 

If you are interested in adopting Cosmo, please fill in our adoption application form here.

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