Lilac (Vancouver)

Lilac is a medium large rabbit, about a year old. She came from an outdoor living situation and has 7 beautiful babies that are also needing homes.

Lilac is a friendly and energetic bunny. She loves to play, especially when there’s treats involved. While she can be penned in when needed, she loved to snuffle around and explore every inch of her surroundings, just watch out for your cords! If the weather is nice she’ll lie out in the shade for hours.

In the evening she’ll cozy up next to you or in your lap and loves it when you scratch along her back and between her ears.

She can be a bit distrusting and needs a little more training not to chew things, but she is a very sweet and loving girl, who will return your affection over time. In the second picture you can see the heart shape she has in her fur!

If you are interested in adopting Lilac, please fill in our adoption application form here.

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