Brooke (South Surrey)

My name is Brooke! I’m a happy healthy rabbit – spayed and vaccinated. I’m a Netherland dwarf cross – you might not know this but we can be a bit sassy and quirky. I’ve been told I’m quite the little princess. Just like any other princess I love to be spoiled with toys and treats. I enjoy Oxbow treats and my daily fresh salads of leafy greens and herbs.

I’m very clean and use my litter box to perfection. It might take me a bit of time to warm up to a new person and home but I can’t wait to have a home to call my own. Ultimately, I’d love to be a free roam rabbit or even have my own room. I’m open to meeting a male bunny or even another respectful house pet. Can’t wait to show you my binkies and zoomies when we meet so apply today! 

If you are interested in adopting Brooke, please fill in our adoption application form here.

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