Lolo is a pretty, little dwarf rabbit with an out-going personality. She is about 2 years old. Lolo likes attention and is very active. She will be an interesting and amusing pet bunny. Lolo will be ready for adoption once she is spayed.

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  • Shiho Mehrhoff

    Hi, I fell in love with Lolo, so I have a question today.
    I have a 2 years old boy dwarf rabbit, and I am looking for a company for my rabbit, Yuzu. As I let Yuzu out of cage all the time, he is very very active and little bit spoiled. So I wonder if he can be good with other rabbits. Is it possible for me to see if Lolo and my rabbit, Yuzu are OK together before I make a decision?

  • admin

    You can make an appointment to see if Lolo gets along with your rabbit. If not, we have many others that you could try.

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