Macci and Mocha

Macci and Mocha


These beautiful bunnies are sisters only about a year old. Macci is a Lionhead with calico spots and Mocha is a grey and cream Harlequin. Both are friendly girls, a bit shy at first.  They are active, curious young bunnies. They will be good house bunnies and good pets.

4 comments to Macci and Mocha

  • Marisse

    Hello, are your rabbits only available for households that can give them the run of the house? or can they be kept in rooms/cages? Thanks x

  • mr7bf7

    Wanting a miniature cottontail (older middle age) for company to a 8 year old pure cottontail neutered and we’ll love by owner for 7 years of his life.
    Please contact @ email .

  • admin

    They should be able to be out of a cage for several hours each day but preferably all the time.

  • admin

    Cottontails are not domestic rabbits – they are wild rabbits – and we don’t have any nor deo we take them into our shelter.

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