Macey is a Lionhead bunny who was given up because her people were moving. She had been kept in a garage for several years. Macey was overweight and quite lonely but now is a much happier bunny in her foster home. Macey needs her forever home where she will be loved for her charming personality.

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  • Kelly B

    This is Macey’s foster mom here-Macey is a wonderful bunny. She is very social and active. We really hope she finds a forever home, she will be a terrific addition to your home.

  • Hi am looking for a female rabbit for my male rabbit so he can have a buddy to hag with and i am thinking of breeding my male rabbit he loves other rabbit’s i am in a 4-h group and i want a female to show in 4-h so just e mail me and i want to find out how much she is i am looking at macey the lionhead fmale i have a male lionhead.

  • Rose

    How is Macey with other rabbits? I have a passive, curious 3 year old male that lots his mate in the Spring.

    Thank you.

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