Buttercup is 5-6 months old, a very friendly and pretty bunny. She is litter trained and loves to be petted and to run around and explore. Buttercup is looking forward to her forever home.

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  • Ben Armstrong

    Hey there, such a beauty of a rabbit. My roommate and I are looking to get ourselves a pet bunny to add abit of flavour to the household and give us someone to cuddle. Buttercup looks like the perfect match. Is there any chance she will be available on monday for a visit?

    If you could let me know via email or call/text on 604 966 7799 that would be great.

    Kinds regards Ben and Darcy

  • admin

    You can call or email Olga about a vist using the info on our contact us page.

  • joan

    can we see Butter Cup

  • How can we get info on adopt. for buttercup, is she still available

  • Lisa

    I am interested in adopting a bunny, I was wondering if she was still available?
    Thank you

  • admin

    Please complete and submit the adoption application form on our adoption info page.

  • admin

    Please see our reply on Buttercup regarding completing the adoption form. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Hi there,
    I just filled out the application and hope Buttercup is still available. Sorry for the attempts to fill out the form I did not realize that hitting enter meant it woudl be sent.

    I look forward to hearing about buttercup

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