Clover and Dale

Clover and Dale


These handsome boys are brothers and love each other. Clover has less white and Dale has bigger ears. They are 5-6 months old. These are active, playful rabbits, very friendly and eager for pats and attention. They are good with their litter box and will be affectionate and amusing pets.

6 comments to Clover and Dale

  • Jack McGaughey

    Are these inside rabbits only? We have built a nice pen outside.

  • admin

    We only adopt rabbits that are going to be kept as house pets like a dog for example.

  • Kelly

    Hi there, if we were interested in adopting two rabbits as a family, we do have 2 young boys (6&9), would we be able to come right down to the shelter on Dunbar in Vancouver? If we were to come there, can you please let me know if your newest additions would be present (buttercup, Patricia, Barlow, glen & Susan, clover& dale) Our boys of course would love to just walk into a pet store and buy to baby bunnies, as they are so cute. But I am not a fan of purchasing any animals from pet stores, so we want to show them that we can adopt bunnies that are just as cute… And the litter trained part is a huge bonus… Please let us know, thanks.

  • admin

    Please fill in the adoption application form located on our adoption page.

  • Paige

    Hi we are very interested in your 2 bunnies.

  • admin

    Please fill in an adoption application form that can be found on the adoption page of this site.

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